• What is ozone?

    Ozone is a form of oxygen. It is a strong cleaning, purification, and oxidizing agent. It reacts with organics to remove unpleasant odors and kill germs. Ozone is 03 or enriched oxygen containing 3 atoms instead of 2.

  • Why does ozone kill odors?

    The third oxygen atom is loosely attached and easily separates from the ozone molecule to combine with other substances thereby oxidizing the odor causing substances.

  • Just what do you mean by oxidation? Please give an example.

    Inside the body, food molecules combine with 02 to form CO2 and H0 and energy or heat. Oxidation means a substance undergoes a chemical change resulting in a different substance. Rust and fire are examples of oxidation.

  • Is ozone dangerous?

    Ozone is a powerful oxidizer that aggressively attacks organics. Our bodies are organic and ozone cannot differentiate between good organics and bad organics. Although there are no documented deaths due to ozone, it should be dealt with caution and common sense. Chlorine and fire are also oxidizers, but we have learned to work safely and control them. Ozone is no different.

  • How long does ozone last?

    The rate at which ozone lasts varies directly with the temperature, altitude, humidity, weather conditions, and availability of reactive substances. Ozone begins to decompose instantly, however it has a half life of 20 minutes at which time it converts back to oxygen if no organic substances are present.

  • Is it okay to breathe ozone?

    We all breathe some ozone. However, we should limit our exposure as much as possible.