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Eliminate Odors

We have been helping realtors and private individuals by removing unpleasant odors from their homes, vehicles, and businesses for years. We offer an alternative to more expensive methods of odor removal.

The odors from cat urine penetrate the walls, windows, and cupboards inside and out. Our process kills those odors in and around the entire home including the ducts throughout the house.

Smoke filled homes are difficult to clean. Arizona Odor Free resolves that hassle too! The walls will have the outward appearance of a freshly painted surface again after washing.

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Powerful Results

Bacteria / Viruses

Air or water treated with ozone has no added taste, odor, or chemical residue.

Smoke / Pollen

Ozone literally destroys the odor-causing substances which are oxidized.

Mold / Fungus

Permanently and safely eliminate all odors and restore a fresh, clean smell.

Spores / Toxins

Destruction of airborne and surface viruses, bacteria and allergens.

Ozone Destroys

*Bacteria *Viruses *Mold *Yeast *Fungus *Algae
*Mildew *Smoke *Pollen *Spores *Toxins *Urine
*Feces *V.O.C. (Volatile Organic Compounds)
*O.D.S. (Ozone Depleting Substances)
*Ketones from insulation, carpets, furniture

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